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Trees From Above

 Changing the world one business at a time! 

Not about me but about us

Are you happy?

If you are here there is a good chance that:

  • You are not happy with your job

  • You would like to do something more interesting, more meaningful or less stressy

  • You would like or need to earn more money

And this when you look at your own needs.

Are Things cannot continue how they are

If you look at the world then there is: 

  • Too much poverty,

  • Too many people living under miserable circumstance,

  • Worrying how to survive from day to day


Even in the rich countries the situation is not great for many people. How can it be that someone has to decide whether to buy petrol or medicine.

Why would a people have to work three jobs to maybe make ends meet.

Wealth and income are not distributed equally and the income disparity is increasing

This is not a good sign. Too much concentration in the hand of a few will cause more problems and eventually not generate more riches but less. Some economists even predict a type of revolution the gap only has to widen enough.

Check some of Thomas Piketty's books.


We can actually do something!

We can create many small businesses that will eventually replace the big ones because of their speed and efficiency.

For this we will follow certain models

small teams, income participation, 5% of sales to the superteams foundation or 1% and coach.

From my experience most people can be coached. So with the right support and coaching they will be successful. They then will be again able to coach successful business founders and so on and so on.

Businesses have to follow certain guidelines.


Top cannot earn more then 20 times lowest and lowest should be at the confrotable living range in the country

Not a hieracrhical structure. Teams determine bosses and have to deliver. Profit sharing

From a certain level of wealth the owner will pay money back into the foundation to help finance more companies.

If you want to do good then do it right.


More coming. Check for updates!



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