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Eating - Quick Guide Summary

The extensive version can be found here. 

The problem to be solved

You want to reach your ideal weight. Most people want to lose weight. But some want to get stronger or more toned. This can be supported with the right diet.

You want to eat sustainable and affordable.  We cannot pretend that the resources of planet earth are endless. Anything you eat should have a minimal environmental impact but you need to be able to pay for it.

Key Facts

Doing sport will not help you lose weight. It is the quality and not the quantity of your food that will make the difference. Within limits you can almost ear as much as you want of healthy, high quality food. Calories don't work like a storage. 1 in does not equals 1 out when you do sport. You cannot balance additional food with more sport.

Starving yourself does not help. It only causes in your body metabolic adjustments that will reverse the lost weight as soon as you stop starving. The body tries to protect itself and will regain the lost weight as soon as there is enough to eat. Your body will even build reserves by storing additional body fat to be prepared for the next starvation period.

This is called superaccumulation and most probably responsible for the Yo-yo effect. (more on yo-yo effect here)


Eating less will help if you are plainly eating too much, especially too much of not healthy food like whole grains, processed foods and sugar in any form. 

Your body weight works with a set point weight around which it fluctuates. This is regulated by hormone levels that adjust how many calories the body needs and how it processes sugar. When working properly the body will dispose of excess calories and not store them as fat. In the same way it will slow down when supplied with too few calories to keep the current weight. This is why you do not get immediately fat when you eat a hamburger and fries or have a night out with friends.

Set point also applies to overweight people. They are stuck on a high weight set point and will stay on that weight. Calorie counting diets do not change the set point, so if people diet they lose but the body will work towards readjusting to the previous weight.

A steady diet of low quality food causes set point to increase (L634). It ruins the hormonal balance and mainly impacts liposin and insulin. Main reasons are that trans fats, most grains, carbohydrates and sugar cause some of today's most common civilization diseases like obesity, heart problems and diabetes 2.

A consistent diet of healthy food reduces set point weight. Together with smart training it helps reset or decrease the set point. Smart training mainly consists of HIT and resistance training. There is no need to track calories as long as you eat healthy food. Healthy food diet is composed of almost unlimited amounts of nutrient dense proteins, non starchy vegetables, limited quantities of whole food fats and low fructose fruits, avoiding any grains and starchy food. 

The basic solution

Eat lots of protein and non-starchy vegetables. Some healthy fat with lots of Omega 3. 

Don’t eat carbohydrates like bread or pasta. Quantity of the calories is not so important but the quality of the calories is.


This is based on a recommended daily calorie intake of 2 000 calories. This is the average for women. For men it is about 2 500. The following split of macro nutrients should be applied:

  • 200 g of protein, approx. 800 cal,  e.g. 150 g salmon plus 4 egg white plus 300 g soy beans plus 200 g chicken plus 200 g cottage cheese.

  • 90 g of healthy fats, approx. 800 cal, e.g. the fat from all of the above plus 3 tea spoons (30 g) olive oil vinaigrette plus 0 g pistachios.

  • 100 g carbs, approx. 400 cal

Expected outcome

  • Resetting your set point

  • Ideal weight, better health.

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