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Busting the Happiness Myth.

What Science Really Says About Living Longer and Better.


The Happiness & Health Paradox - Why everything we want isn't everything we need

Think money and career are the golden tickets to happiness? Think again. 


Using reliable scientific research as its foundation, this book clearly lays out the main factors behind happiness and a long life. Instead of wading through endless studies, this book provides you with the core truths, distilled for your understanding on as few pages as possible.


Do you want to read, or do you want to improve your life?

In our hyper-connected, always-on world, we're incessantly bombarded with messages about what should make us happy. The next gadget, the next promotion, the next... well, next.


But is this relentless pursuit of the next big thing truly the path to fulfillment?

Enter the groundbreaking research of Robert Waldinger and Susan Pinker. Their findings disrupt our modern narratives, revealing that the secret sauce to a contented life isn't in the material milestones.


Instead, it lies in:


  • Rich personal relationships that nourish our souls,

  • Engaging actively with our communities,

  • Achieving a sense of balance that aligns with our inner values,

  • Prioritizing our health and well-being,

  • Cultivating resilience and emotional intelligence,

  • And embracing the joy of continuous learning.


Think these life-changing topics are a one-and-done deal? Far from it. Each one's a game-changer, deserving its own tome—and we're going to deep-dive into each so you get why science is shouting, "This way to happiness!" from the rooftops.

Curious about your own beliefs and how they're shaping—or limiting—you? We've got a whole section to turbo-charge your mindset. Trust me, in our tech-crazed world, the untapped power of the mind is your secret weapon.

Bottom line? We're handing you the cheat codes to life, no fluff. And for those who want to nerd out? Buckle up. We've got a treasure trove of academic gold for you to dig into.

What's it going to be? Casual reader or life hacker—you decide.


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Essential Guideposts for Your Every Day


1. Social & Solitude: Balance time with others and time alone to pursue your hobbies. It's not a trade-off; it's a holistic approach to well-being.

Maintain meaningful relationships and enjoy the journey. Surround yourself with individuals who resonate with your mindset. This isn't a strategy for opportunistic networking, but rather a way to evolve in alignment with the future version of yourself you aspire to become.


2. Mindfulness Matters: Achieving your goals becomes a steep climb without the right mental framework. Mindfulness can be your North Star.

To transition from your current self to your future self, start by visualizing the life you aspire to have—whether it's a tranquil existence in the countryside or making a global impact. Then, employ Tara Swart's framework of focused attention and deliberate, repetitive practice and action to make that vision a reality. Mindfulness is key; it allows you to concentrate on your goals and work diligently toward achieving them.


3. **Scheduled Fitness**: Allocate specific times for exercise and keep them sacred. Your well-being depends on it.


4. **Eating Window**: Aim to condense your eating into an 8-hour window, allowing your body the rest it needs to rejuvenate.


5. **Sleep Goals**: Target around 7 hours of sleep to sufficiently recharge. It's not just about quantity; it's about quality.


6. **Wind-Down Time**: Schedule moments to relax before bed. It sets the stage for a restful sleep and a productive tomorrow.


7. **Work in Flow**: During your work hours, focus on tapping into 'flow' states for heightened productivity and focus.


These seven pillars aren't just tips; they're grounded in science and critical for a more fulfilling daily life. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into each in the chapters ahead.

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