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ChatGPT Changes Fundamentally the Use of AI


Knowing How To Use ChatGPT Will Help Understanding AI & ML

Find tips & tricks and the basics about ChatGPT here.


On this side we will introduce a quick guide to prompting and some advanced use cases.

Start with The Basic Power Prompt.

Then you can check out these uses of ChatGPT as we develop them:


The six key elements of a data-driven enterprise. 


How agile teams help to transform businesses into software companies.


Driving growth, better financial performance, resilience


Leverage the collective resources, knowledge, and expertise


Six key elements in any successful digital transformation roadmap


Depends on the nature and requirements of the project

Power Prompt

How to Prompt ChatGPT Like a Pro

Placeholder while we are working out the details of the post.

A great starting point is: The Secret Power Prompt

We will update this shortly.

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