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Agile Teams are at the Forefront of the Next Industrial Revolution

Entrepreneurial autonomy, responsibility for economic success, and profit-sharing will be the attributes of SUPERTEAMS in the future. 

These new SUPERTEAMS will have a massive impact on the companies forming them. The most innovative companies will function like incubators allowing their employees to build successful agile startup teams that deliver outstanding products. Those products will then turn into flourishing businesses

Sounds fantastic, and some companies are already there.

Follow us to understand what it means for you and your company.

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About Me

Tom (Thomas) Vrba. Product & Program Manager of 20+ years. I have been responsible for Products & Programs with more than 1,000 people across the globe. 

A few years ago, I started working with agile teams. We started analyzing what works and what does not in a customer and value-driven approach. We collected our findings in a set of ground rules. We also began applying algorithms and ML to identify measures of successful and failing projects. 

Why waste time & money?

I now manage several products that could be successfully launched as standalone businesses. We apply these techniques daily.


How Can We help you?

Watch this space.

We will release our first course and book

The course, or rather micro-course, will focus on applying agile principles to any business or private venture. Stay with us if you want to start quickly and not after studying something for two months.

The book will be an short and practical guideline for agile product management

Being agile the right way

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