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science behind a simpler life

Why a simpler life?

Today's life is very complicated and can become quickly overwhelming. The expectations of society and yourself towards you seem to be ever increasing. If you are not a rocket scientist, earn six figures, have a beach body and retire at 40, then you did not make it in life.

In addition there are new scientific discoveries at every corner, top 3-10 things to do lists that we need to follow to be as successful as Elon Musk or any of the other outstanding personalities you should be emulating.


Finally, we have to save the planet, have a fulfilling life, take care of the kids, have a career, and stay in touch with friends and family. Easy... or not?

Sometimes we forget about ourselves and what really is good for us, plus and 80/20 solution is often good enough.


We do not have to be 100% perfect. Think of it, to pass as an expert in an area it is enough to know 5% more than the average. That puts you in the top ten percentile of experts in most fields. 

What really matters

So, let's focus on what really matters and not what everybody else wants to make us believe matters.

We think this is pretty straight forward. People want to be happy.


Think of it, why do you want money, why do you want a beach body. It is because you think it will make you happier. Not saying it really will.

This is why the next section is dedicated to the science behind happiness and what really makes people - including you - happy.


And the most important factor for happiness are relationships, relationships, relationships - but quality ones not just 1000 friends on Facebook.

Of course we all have also other aspirations like trying to live healthy, having a career, starting your own company and many others. These are all valid goals to pursue and you should continue working on them. 

Today's issue is that if you look-up your goal on the internet and how to best to achieve it, then you are bombarded with thousands if not millions of potential solutions.


As an example look up how to lose weights, and you will get millions of fitness programs to help you get there.


But that is actually a scam because the only real way to lose weight is to eat healthy and manage your calorie intake.


To avoid getting lost trying to achieve your goals we are aiming to provide you with a solid starting point. For this purpose we are collating some of the best guidelines and latest scientific findings.


We are not trying to cover a field conclusively. We rather aim to give you a good first guidance of things to consider and to keep in mind.


We cannot replace an expert to help you get jump started in an area. But we can make sure you look for the right expert or the right guidance

Take the weight loss example. You can then focus on nutrition experts or fitness experts with a strong nutrition focus. And among those you will focus on the ones with the right focus on balancing calories, macro nutrients and healthy eating.

But keep in mind that knowing the path is not enough. The execution depends on you and your team. 

Happiness & Long Life

First things first! You might want to have a career and that girl/boy and that beach body and and and...


But is it what really matters?

There is now enough research to show what really makes you happy, and yes material things help but your focus should be different. Read here what helps most to have a long and happy life.

From there you can decide what is the next areas you want to investigate. We are working on the following guides:

  • Eating healthy

  • Stay in Shape

  • Successful Career

  • Deal with stress (work load & Environment)

Project Management


That includes starting a company, finding a new job, getting a beach body and many other things.

This one seems very basic but outlines in general the approach that works best to implement any project or product that you have in mind.

If you set out to change something in your life it is like a small project or product development. You are improving something for customers and in some cases the customer is you.

Project Basics to plan right and set you up best possible. 

Digital & Agile

This came up during work but it is an interesting study on how an organization can be completely transformed from working in one way to a completely new operating model.

Turning an organization agile explaining best practices to change the organization. The article also touches on standardization of the interfaces in the organization, talent acquisition and the completely changed view on budget planning.

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