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What makes Superteams super?


The science behind winning teams and successful projects.


Start achieving your goals.


Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to accelerate.


You want to jump start your company's performance, launch your own business or get that beach body? All follow the same principles!

What are

doing different?

Why do some teams outperform and others fail?

Teams Outperform

To achieve a goal you need a Superteam. A team outperforms an individual. That is why it is so important to have the right team and setup to execute your project.


We analyzed hundreds of projects

After analyzing hundreds of projects some of the expected patterns emerged that you can find in most standard and agile project methodologies.


The Secret Sauce

Using AI & ML we found that certain criteria determine the performance of a team and the success of their projects. We found also that previously successful teams can fail big!

So how to set yourself up for success?

The Secrets of Superteams and Successful Projects

Astonishingly or maybe not so surprisingly, it has almost nothing to do with:

The Methodology - Agile, Waterfall or any other

Projects were not more successful because they used a specific approach.

The Team Structure or The Location

It does not really matter if there is a line or a matrix organization. Also if the team was distributed or in the same place has only a limited influence. Being in the same place helps with a lot of things but it is not essential for the project success. Look how well some organizations managed working remotely during Covid.

The Team Having Low Performers 

It is almost like in the movies. A team is often only as strong as its coach. So if you fail that can be often remedied by setting up the right team around you.

It has much more to do with:

Image by Jia Ye

The Subject Matter Experts

You need the right expert to plan and setup a project. Even more so when you are new to the subject. Otherwise you will go through a long and costly learning curve.

Example: Digital Hub - A lot of companies want to setup a digital hub when most professional incubators struggle. Is this even a project you want to pursue?

Example: Weight loss - most people look for fitness programs when they should be looking for revamping their diets.

The Proper Setup

A good project and team need a good project manager. He takes the expert's advice and set up the team, the project environment, governance and oversees the execution. 

Sometimes the expert is the project manager but often the expert is not the expert in running a project.

Example: It is often the basics that count. When the project starts you do not want the team looking for desks and laptops. 

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Work Desk
Image by Matteo Vistocco

The Superteams

The team is key but with the right guidance a team can be better than the sum of its individuals. It is also not only the chemistry because you might be all getting great along but miss the creative conflict.

For a team it is more important to have the willingness to achieve the common goal and to work together.


Example: It is good to debate different options and get everyone's input but at some point, just do it.

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Accountability & Believing in the Process

It is key to have someone the team or the project manager feels accountable to. That same person or board can also course correct in case teams or projects develop in the wrong way. That is why companies have a board.

The difficulty lies in having the right people on the board. Can they really steer?

The board will also ensure that the team believes in the process. Quickly you come to the point when you think thing that this is not going to work out. And sometimes that is the case but often it is just the perseverance,  staying course that is needed. This is believing in the process.

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Image by Jason Rosewell


A new project will bring change. No one likes change unless they initiated it.

So bring everyone with you on the journey as early as possible. Make them part of it, make them own it.

Like when developing your customer by listening what they want do the same with everyone else. Then you can see where to stand your ground and where you need to adjust.

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Think of every successful Project that you have seen or were part of. 

How were those projects setup?

How knowledgeable were the experts?

How did they execute?

How were they managed?

How did the communicate?

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Take back Control

It is not enought to set SMART Goals.

  You need to Want to do the project.

Make sure you find the right Experts.

  Set up the team to execute.

Set up the accountability, not only to control but he help stay on course.

  your team needs to believe in the process and then follow through!


You Can Increase Output by 100%, Reduce Timelines & Improve Quality


Use Our FREE Framework and Tools To Turnaround

Your Superteams and Your Projects

Yearly Plan.png

Plan & Setup Like a Pro

Sounds so simple but is quickly forgotten. Set yourself up for success. Clear goals, right experts, right planning, right team.

This does not mean that you cannot be agile but agile also does not mean chaotic.

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Accountability, Accountability, Accountability

Few things keep you going and trying to do something again and again like Super Mario Challenge.

For all others it is essential that your own drive is guided and channeled. Being held accountable will keep you moving towards that goal.

Who do you best chose? Chose someone that you do not want to disappoint that makes you go the extra mile for your next checkpoint.

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Yearly Plan.png
Yearly Plan.png

 Believe in the Process

When hitting challenges you or not seeing the desired progress you feel a thousand times like giving up.

Believe in the process, go on, check in with your experts and your accountability 'board'. If you are really off they will help you course correct, otherwise they will tell you to go on. 

Remember - there is no over night success.

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Melanie B.
Program Manager

We always focused on the wrong KPIs and metrics. Now our teams work much better and projects do not fail.

Katie M.
Business Owner

I thought first it is just another planning scheme until I noticed that the approach is quite different. And if you stick to it things really start to work out. Also you cannot make it alone. 

Jack D.
Independent Consultant

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Step Back kill the noise

Regroup and Refocus

Setup and Rebuild 

achieve and outperForm

So what do you get from The Superteams to make your goals happen: 

Step #1: Set yourself up for success

We do not advocate that you spend now months preparing for you next venture. We need you to plan out a few things right and the rest will follow. 

Ensuring that you have the right expert and governance around your project and the team that you are building.

To help you we provide:

  • Planning templates

  • Checklists

  • Reports

  • and many more!!!


Step #2: Use our platform to manage your project & team

Simple to access. No proprietary tools. All data is only yours but we can run our ML and AI engines and help you guide to your goals.

Tested and tried and only accessed by you and your team it provides the perfect framework to put yourself on hyperspeed.

Step #3: Follow the process & we can monitor on your request

Believe in the process and drive your team towards your goal. We can be part of your journey, monitor in the background or actively help you achieve your goals.

You chose the model that works for you, your team and/or your company. It works for individuals  and for businesses. Humans and teams always work in very similar ways. 

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And the best is that it is for free!


Get on The Superteams Platform and start getting it done: 

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Key success factors and how to implement them. 

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It all starts here. Happiness is the source of all things good. A full life, success and well being.



The science behind being successful in your profession.


Before reading on, please keep in mind:

We are not for profit!

We want you to achieve your goals!

We do not tie you in, you can stop at any time!

If we notice that you are not progressing, we will advice you how to best proceed or if this is simply not for you.

All we make is invested back to help the community!

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