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Following the Classical Sales Funnel, we could now advertise how great this Booster Pack is and that you have to have them and you cannot live without them.

We could also add a time limit and restrict this offer until end of today or the next 24 hours.

We are ready when you are!

Truth is, we want you to be successful. All our basic tools are for free. Just register and get started.

The rest is up to you. Get your setup right with review and accountability sessions. In case you get stuck or hit a roadblock, let us know.


Get The Superteams Planner and use the monthly check-ins.

We provide the structure and you the progress!


to start

Access to all our tools, documentation and guidelines.

For the first 20 customers unlimited email support.


Monthly​ check-ins and best practice suggestions.


We will stop the subscription as soon as possible once we see that you have the right setup and things are moving.

Or you stop the subscription whenever you want.

If you want to get started on your own time, then this is best for you!

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